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You've reached our front door, but to use DirectConnect™, you'll need to do one of the following:
  1. If you're already a DirectConnect customer, navigate to the DirectConnect URL provided by your Provisio sales / provisioning contact.
  2. If you've arrived here by using your DirectConnect™ URL, something went wrong! Very likely, your local hosts file may need an additional entry; alternately, if you're a new customer, DNS changes may not have propagated yet - either give it another day or so, or manually add your DirectConnect™ URL to your hosts file (check your documentation for more information).
  3. If you're not a DirectConnect™ customer, and you're interested in generating clinical and business intelligence in minutes instead of months (all based on a database health histories from nearly 80 million U.S. citizens), please contact our sales department for a demo, and let us introduce you to the power of real-time longitudinal data analysis! Get started right here:

    David Bender
    Senior Sales Director
    Sean Harrison
    Senior Architect / CSO